Saturday Fun

I finally started my strength program with a bang.
Two pairs of dumbbells (two different weights) and a kettle bell were enough to the ball rolling.

I had absolutely no plan upon beginning but ended up doing three eight minute super-sets with two minutes rest between each set.
Sunday morning started with pain and today wasn’t much different. A swim might be the best way to get some training done today… let’s see what opportunities arise.

Keep on Truckin’

I felt the run in my body last night – BP was probably quite low and legs were a little stiff today. Despite that I think I’ll keep the load on today. The plan is to do an EASY 10km row at lunch and then swim with the club. Assess tomorrow if I can continue or else schedule a one day rest.


Only Swam tonight. So that leaves me quite fresh for tomorrow. Perhaps fresh enough for a 10km Concept2 set followed by 5km on the treadmill.

Inside again

I had planned a longer outdoor run today but didn’t manage my time properly.  As a result I ended up going to the gym and doing a pretty difficult run on the treadmill. I had intended to just run  at 14,2km/h for the entire 42  minutes that I planned for the session but I got bored and ended up adding a little intensity for the last 12 minutes.

30 minutes @ 14,2km/h
4 x [1:30 @ 14km/h, 1:30 @ 16km/h]

That was pretty difficult.
Tomorrow I plan to get a swim in somehow – but time’s fell hand may prevent that from happening.


Testing The Foot

I have been pain free for three days now so I decided to attempt a run. The doctor advised me to run when I feel no pain and somehow I managed to wait an extra three days. This is uncharacteristic for me but I think it illustrates the fear I’m carrying regarding this injury.
I did feel something on a couple of occasions during the run but nothing that I could classify as pain. Just now as I type I feel a crawling sensation on the dorsal foot, around the metatarsals… strange but not pain. The injury being soft tissue in nature means that I have to wait until tomorrow before I declare myself fit or otherwise.,, Eight hours and counting.

As for as the actual run, it went well. I ran the Ursvik 10km at a pretty easy but steady pace. JUst getting the legs moving again. A couple of hours before the run I also did a 20 minute home strength session. Mainly focusing on upper body and core with no rest between exercises – pretty difficult and I think I will pay for it dearly tomorrow.

The possibility of having two things in the post for the morning.

Time to run

Recovery has been great after Sunday’s long run. Only one day off and I already feel like killing it. Just to be on the safe side I’ll hit the treadmill and do hill nitervals. 14,2km/h for the duration with 1:30 @ 6,5% incline. I’ll decide on the RI and total duration when I get to the gym. ‘Going to be fun.


10:00 w/u – 14,2km/h and leave it there.
6 x (1:30 @ 6,5%, 2:30 @ 0%)
1:30 @ 6,5%, 0:30 @ 0%
4:00 build to 16km/h

Duration: 00:40:00, HR Avg: 157, HR Max: 176, Calories: 524 kcal, Distance: 9.5 km, Pace Avg: 04:16 min/km, Training Load:

Pain in the Post

I’ve insured that I’ll be in a world of pain by tomorrow morning at the very latest. My training pain usually takes 40 hours to kick in but after only 3 hours I can already feel it creeping in with a vengeance.

What did I do one may ask… I took out the kettle-bell and did a 20 minute set consisting of 40 seconds on., 20 seconds off for the duration. After 10 minutes I already knew that I was way out of my league. My 10 years of endurance training experience thought me to push on and finish the set. I was nauseous for an hour afterwards and now I feel an impending sense of doom. My back, shoulders and inner thighs are feeling odd – no doubt this odd feeling will make getting out of bed tomorrow morning somewhat difficult.

I also started preparing my skis for tomorrow’s planned session. It’s taking forever. I’ve only got the base glide wax done. I need at least two layers of blue glidewax and then I have to begin with the grip waxing… Most likely won’t be done tonight.

Perhaps a sauna later might make me feel better.


Planning a double day today. I shall go the the gym shortly and do 45 minutes on the treadmill. Varying speeds and slopes should keep me occupied – I’ve never gone that long before.

Then swimming is on the aganda later in the evening. The plan for the club session is:

W/u 200-400
Main Loop (750m)
200 catch-up with heavy kick
3×100 progressive 1-3, rest :30
50 easy
4×50 fast

That should leave me nice and tired.


Mission accomplished today. I am just back from the above-mentioned swim set and have a run in the bag from earlier in the day. The run was 5 minutes w/w @ 4:14/km followed by 40 minutes @ 3:58/km. Treadmill set to a sloe of 1.0 throughout.

Make a Plan

I had a zero weekend and am now on the way to the gym. The last two times (my first two times this year) I went I had no plan and as a resut had a poor training session. Today I will make a plan.

Now: what do I do?

I want to get moving again after the weekend.

I want to train for about an hour.

I want a mixture of intensity.

So, how about: 25 minutes run/ 5km on the C2 and a 20 minute swim?

On my way.


Equipment  fail!

I did make it to the gym and executed two out of three of my planned workouts. I had no swimming gear so decided not to swim in the buff.

The rowing was remarkably controled – until the last kilometre. I just held 19:59 pace the whole way through and switched to 10 hard/5 easy pulls for the last km; this brought total time down a little to 19:50,9.

The run was not controlled at all: 6km – starting at 15km/h and increasing to 18,2 km/h by the end. Nice!


Three good days

I took a day off on Thursday and followed it up with three pretty good days:

Friday I ran 9,2km in -6 C @ 4:30/km

Saturday I was home with the kids and managed to get a home strength session done when everyone was in bed: A pyramid set:

Bent-over row,
Dumbbell Squat,
Can-Can Kicks,
Dumbbell Shoulder press,
Knee-under plank

The set starts out with 10 bicep curls followed by a little rest. Next is a 10 bicep-curls directly followed by 10 push ups. This pattern continues until  all 10 exercises are completed. Then the bicep curls are removed – leaving 9 exercises. Next the bicep-curls and push-ups are removed… This took 42 minutes.

Tonight I did the same run as Friday – it was very slippery out there so it tool 40 seconds longer.

That’s that: 6/7 for the week!

12/16 for 2011 – 75%

Reverse Triathlon

At the gym today I did a mimi-triathlon of sorts. I started out running.
I ran a couple of minutes at 4:30/km to warm up and then upped the pace to 4:00/km
After 10 minutes ran I then started to up the pace every minute. With 5 minutes reamining I was running at 3:45/km and from then on I increased th pace by 0.1km/h every 30 seconds – this left me at 17.1km/h (or 3:30/km) after 19:30 running. I decided I would hold this pace for 90 seconds. The set was made up as I ran – maybe I’ll structure it a litttle better next time.

Directly after the run I hopped on a spinning and did 20 minutes of easy to mod-hard spinning @ 96 cadence.

I then went to the pool and swam a solid 20 minutes.

Later on I got a call asking if I would like to run; I accepted and did a 45 minutes very easy run.

A reverse triathlon, a run and 1:47 for the day.